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In a safe and confidential space, I tailor my approach, to suit my clients. I use Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to support mindfulness, which helps to understand our feelings, perceptions and the relationship we have with ourselves and others.  NLP unlocks my clients potential by helping my client make links between their thinking, their feelings and their behaviours.

The process enables freedom of thought and self-direction.

Through self-exploration and actively working towards objectives and goals, positive change happens.

Areas I support in below.

areas I support

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I can support you with...


Do you have a problem with alcohol and / or drugs or gambling?

Do you consume too much and/or have a dependency and want to do something about it and /or spend too much money on gambling?

Does alcohol, drugs or gambling make you feel, or behave in a way that you want to change?

Do you want to manage your alcohol, drug or gambling usage better?

Do you want to change the impact that using alcohol, drugs or gambling has on your life?

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Are you in the process of supporting someone who is dying, and understandably finding this hard?

Are you grieving a sense of loss, whilst caring for a loved one?

Are you bereaved, and need support to work through your grief?

Are emotions you are hanging onto, slowing down the healing process?

Do you need support in adapting to a new life without your loved one?

Do you have new feelings and emotions that are unpleasant, triggered by the passing of someone?
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Career Change

Do you feel stagnated in your career?

Is progression at work not happening?

Do you feel unhappy and/or unsatisfied in your career or job?

Do you lack confidence in expressing your ideas / opinions and self-promotion at work?

Is your career and life balance not right?

Are you stuck in knowing what you want to do for a job and what direction you want to head in?

Are you confused about what strengths you have to develop and need to help to progress this to help you with your career direction?

Are you unsure about what strengths you have and what you need to do to progress?
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You may feel self critical, withdrawn and uncomfortable?

You may have lost a clear sense of self, meaning & purpose?

You may have negative thinking that blocks opportunities?

You may not think freely, creatively and positively?

You may feel un-energised, flat, ineffective and unhappy?

You may be unsure about what you care about and what matters to you?

You may feel overwhelmed and anxious, leading to negative thoughts, directed at you and others?

Do you experience imposter syndrome, and this effects your wellbeing at times?
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Do you think you are depressed?

Do you feel flat, low, lost, unsure and ineffective?

Do you feel sad and down, and it's hard to feel meaning and purpose?

Is it difficult to recognise why you feel unhappy but you feel unmotivated and unengaged?

Do your emotions feel all tangled together and it’s hard to unpick?

Do you want to understand why you feel sad and unhappy and what you can do about it to improve your mood?

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Do you want to decrease the amount of debt you have?

Do you want to decrease insolvency?

Do you have debt-related problems?

Do you want to improve the ability to set and meet financial objectives?

Do you want to decrease stress arising from financial problems?

Do you have low self esteem affected by debt?

Do you want to manage your debt to improve family functioning?
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Do friendships not come naturally?

Do you feel uncomfortable forming friendships?

Do you feel uneasy about what to say and how to say it?

Do you have negative friendships that don’t work for you?

Do you want to develop your friendship networks, but don’t know how to go about it?

Do you want to make better friendship choices and truly be yourself?

Do you withdraw from social situations and feel lonely?

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health & fitness

Do you feel blocked in being healthy and fit?

Do you set out with all good intentions of getting healthy and fit but it never lasts?

Do you criticise yourself for not maintaining the healthy eating and/ or the exercise?

Do you want to get a good balance of being fit & healthy alongside other day to day commitments?

Do you have a low mood and your self worth is being impacted on and you want to change this?

Do you withdraw from situations because you are preoccupied with your self image?

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Are you in a relationship that isn’t working for you?

Do you feel frustrated and stuck?

Are you losing touch, trust and the closeness you once had is fading away?

Do shared values seem in the distance, and it feels hard to come back from this?

Are your thoughts, behaviour and communication negative and this is unhelpful?

Do you have no time for each other?

Has your relationship ended, and you want to move on?

Finding a relationship

Do you find it difficult to be in a relationship?

Do you put barriers up to avoid being in a relationship?

Does your self-worth and past experiences get in the way?

Do you feel unsure about what to say and how to be?

Do you lose yourself and your natural instincts disappear and you feel awkward?

Do you lack a sense of calm and ease in a new relationship?
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Do you feel confused about your sexuality?

Do you want to come out, and feel scared?

Do you think you have lost a sense of sense and lack a positive identity?

Do you want to celebrate who you are and be your true self?

Do you want to meet someone?

Do you want to improve your relationship?

Do you want to 'free your thoughts' and go on your unique journey?
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Women's Lifestyle

Do you feel like you are failing in certain areas of your life?

Do you feel lost and your self identity has disappeared?  

Are you giving yourself a hard time?

Are you struggling with motherhood?

Have you wanted to be a mother and it hasn't worked out that way and you feel a huge loss?

Are you finding the work/ life balance causes you anxiety and stress?

Do you feel guilty about things and this impacts on your wellbeing?

Are you experiencing pre menopausal or menopausal emotions and feelings that effects your wellbeing?

Do you find it hard to say no and ask for help?

Do you feel lost and / or stuck and want to have some direction?

Do you feel overwhelmed and unconfident?
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Stress and anxiety

Is your level of stress unhelpful?

Do you suffer from anxiety and want to feel happier and more in control?

Do you need support in managing your stress levels?

Do you have unhelpful thinking, when it comes to managing situations?

Does anxiety at times feel overwhelming and you need support to work through these feelings?

Have you had experiences that have left you with heightened anxiety or stress levels?

Is stress or anxiety inhibiting you?

Are stress levels fed by heightened anxiety that restricts you and makes you defensive and unhappy?

Do you need support in managing your lifestyle, to help manage your anxiety or stress levels?
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